A beauty interlude, to talk about my favourite skincare brand : aesop. I first learned about the brand thanks to my mom who brought back some products after a trip to Australia 15 years ago. Back then, beauty trends were not about natural products or scents of essential oils that are all the rage right now. I think this really appealed to my mom and of course the very distinctive look of their bottles.
A natural, humble, minimalist luxury.
Since then, the brand has grown, we’ve seen the brand develop into a more precise and unique image and open beautiful shops.
I really admired the work that has benn put into building such powerful brand image, with the bold packaging choice since the beginning, an image that is not all about skincare but evoque a whole aesthetic.
Take their newsletter for example, it talks about everything but their products : an art show in Milan, a scientific discovery in the us, a trendy restaurant in Melbourne or a symphonic concert in Paris. And their shops, each one is unique and a design jewel.

Their range – I’ve only used the skincare product- is large and even if it is quite pricy, the products last forever, you can use a little bit of product at once. The different products mix well together and I love the soft vegetal scent. Of course I would live to own the whole routine but here are my favourites

Cleansing oil with parsley seed : lasts forever
Primerose mask, very detox
Tea Tree facial scrub, mix it with you cleanser
Fabulous face oil, for winter
But also :

Mandarin hydrating cream, for the summer
Parsely seed serum, very good value


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