February Mood


This month of february is ending but I wanted to share this photoshoot we made for my Mom’s shop Planète Plage.Each month we style and shoot some objects that we love that you can buy by phoning the shop or droping an email – this is a temporary solution before we launch the eshop (if you’re curious about the result go HERE)

It rained for days before the shoot and the sky was gloomy and grey, but, in a strike of luck, the sun appeared and we had this beautiful winter light. We hurried up to gather the objects and went to the mimosa tree to cut a branch.

Mimosa is one of my favorite trees, I love the fact that it blooms during the winter, every time it warms my heart during the first months of the year that are inevitably darker.
If I could, I would have it all over my garden ! But it can be quite overwhelming, the roots can be dangerous for your home. Also the flowers are really pretty but once you can it, it doesn’t last long. In short, it is a wild tree that doesn’t like to be tamed and it’s perfect that way ;)

I hope you will like this styling along with a small selection of products ( identical or similar to the shoot) – of course if you want to shop at Planète Plage, don’t hesitate ;)





1. Paper Lighting – HABITAT
2. Grey Vase – HOUSE DOCTOR
4. Candle Light – BLOOMINGVILLE
5. Rug – NKUKU


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