Calanques, Marseille


In the calanques, a small piece of heaven, between Marseille and Cassis, these isolated coves, reachable by boat or on foot, where you find yourself nested between the sea, the rocks, and the pine trees. You get there after a long hike, in the mid-day sun, your tee desperately sticking to your back.
You step right into the cold water, after burning your feet on the pebbles. You go jump from the higher rocks, over there, at the end of the cove, you swim for hours in the water that matches the sky. You’re so far away from Marseille and its noise. It’s the perfect image of the Mediterranean, the boats, the plants, this blue, always.

+ Marseilleveyre
First Calanque after Callelongue, last port at the very end of Marseille. The path to get there overlooks the sea and the boat, the view is breathtaking throughout the hike. A relatively large and rocky bay, with small buildings. You make the most of the beach shack on the pebbles by going there for lunch in your swimsuit.


+ Sugiton
An hour of strenuous hiking after the architecture school in Luminy, Marseille, a rocky descent through a dense vegetation to finally find this sheltered cove and its flagship, the enormous rock in the middle of the water, the favorite jumping point for the fearless divers. You put your beach towel in the shadows of the trees, you liste to the soothing sound of the crickets, you savour the turquoise sea.



2 thoughts on “Calanques, Marseille

  1. Emma

    Oh my, it is so very beautiful there, unspoilt and rugged coastline. The sea looks incredibly appealing too, I could quite happily dive in there right at this moment.

    1. Charlotte Post author

      Hello Emma,

      This is truly a slice of paradise near a very busy city ! It can get quite crowded during the summer weekends but it is so worth it. The water is quite cold though, but really, it doesn’t matter, you dive in anyways.

      Thanks for your visit in my space :)



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