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A flowery break


Today I’m sharing with you some recent pictures, a beautiful bouquet of roses from my the garden of my friend’s auntie. The flowers were gorgeous, all different, some so tight they looked like peonies, others with a divine smell, with striped petals, or with the prettiest pink color. It would have been a shame not to photography them. I also realised that I’m quite found of taking pictures of flowers. It’s a delicate process because I want to capture every nuance of a bouquet, it’s a very different approach from food photography I think. I also tend to take way too many pictures and I’m very indecisive in choosing the one to keep (I’d love to keep them all !). I hope you will enjoy those flowers as much as I did.
A quick note to say that the blog is going on holiday mode until the end of the month ! I will be back in August with fresh summer recipes :)








How to decorate with Spring Blossoms


Spring is coming, quietly. I wanted to share with you my homemade decor with spring blossoms and a few inspirations to recreate it at home.

I love this time of year when, suddenly, the trees start blooming, one flower at the time. Spring is not full force yet, it is just pops of color or milky white dots on the brown branches. For me, it sets time to stop hibernating and start dreaming of the sunny days. It really changes my mood and makes the grey days bearable.

This year, I have decided to make the most of it and bring some blooming branches in my home. I love them simply in a glass vase, on a color background, it is even more elegant. I’ve found these branches in a hedge, that is why they are shorter than cherrytrees or other fruit trees, but they make a very minimalist arrangement.

I also wanted to share some of my favorite images, I am very found of magnolia branches, they give a lot of structure and dress the room very well.




/ Magnolia


/ Apple & Cherry Blossoms




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February Mood


This month of february is ending but I wanted to share this photoshoot we made for my Mom’s shop Planète Plage.Each month we style and shoot some objects that we love that you can buy by phoning the shop or droping an email – this is a temporary solution before we launch the eshop (if you’re curious about the result go HERE)

It rained for days before the shoot and the sky was gloomy and grey, but, in a strike of luck, the sun appeared and we had this beautiful winter light. We hurried up to gather the objects and went to the mimosa tree to cut a branch.

Mimosa is one of my favorite trees, I love the fact that it blooms during the winter, every time it warms my heart during the first months of the year that are inevitably darker.
If I could, I would have it all over my garden ! But it can be quite overwhelming, the roots can be dangerous for your home. Also the flowers are really pretty but once you can it, it doesn’t last long. In short, it is a wild tree that doesn’t like to be tamed and it’s perfect that way ;)

I hope you will like this styling along with a small selection of products ( identical or similar to the shoot) – of course if you want to shop at Planète Plage, don’t hesitate ;)





1. Paper Lighting – HABITAT
2. Grey Vase – HOUSE DOCTOR
4. Candle Light – BLOOMINGVILLE
5. Rug – NKUKU


December Mood : Christmas table setting & Menu ideas


For this december mood, I wanted to share with you a table setting for special evening : Christmas, new Year’s Eve or just a special date night. For once, no shopping list because I’ve seen too many lists for one month and it’s probably too late anyway.
Instead, I have compiled my favorite Christmas menu inspirations, along with what I’m planning on making for the big day. In our family, the evening of the 24, is the time my dad and I are cooking, it is often lots of small things to nibble on then a traditional meal and fruits for dessert. I hope the recipes will inspire you !








+ Tradtional Christmas

* Gougères Traditional Cheese Puffs / Mimi Thorrisson

* Foie gras with dried fruits & toasts / Elle

* Quails and Grapes / NY Times

* Roasted Domino Potatoes / Bon Appetit

* Easy Tarte Tatin / Chocolate & Zucchini


+ Italian Christmas

* Crostini polenta and gorgonzola / Il Cucchiaio d’argento

* Artichoke salad with parmesan and almonds / Princess Tofu

* Fennel, Leek, Orange, Pork Osso Buco / Local Milk

* Amalfi Pear and Ricotta Cake / Emiko Davies


+ Scandinavian Christmas

* Deviled Eggs with dill and toasted almonds / 101 Cookbooks

* Beetroot Gravlax / et Life Changing Bread / My New Roots

* Beer Braised Pork Belly / Bon Appetit

* Caramel Almond Cake / My Blue & White Kitchen


+ Mon menu de Noël

Gravlax, Ricotta, Dill, Cucumber and Pomegranate seeds

Tuna Gravlax, Cilantro, Lemongrass, Ginger / will share the recipe if it’s good

Oysters with sea water jelly / My dad does this recipe :)

Roasted Poularde with dried fruits / Elle

Mini herbed Pommes Anna / Bon Appetit

Roasted Pineapple with icecream