Fabulous chocolate & pistachio custard with silken tofu


Lately, I haven’t been able to post as often as I would like. The weather has been capricious and I had to forget all the photoshoots I had in mind : bye bye bucolic picnics and dinners outside. But as it turns out, the sun is sticking around and I won’t have an excuse for those photos and summer recipes. These photos are a bit old, and I even hesitated before posting them as I feel they weren’t really in season any more but this recipe is so fabulous that it would have been such a shame not to share it with you.
These chocolate custards have saved many dinners recently. Often, when I cook for my friends and my family, I get stuck for the dessert. Usually I’m a bit lazy to bake a cake that monopolize the oven (I save this for the afternoon snack : le goûter) and I feel that fruit salad as simple and good as they may be don’t get the most votes.
But these custards are really winners : the guests are always happy to have a chocolate dessert (even the one that rarely eat chocolate) and the hostess is relieved because it literally takes 2 minutes to make. The only caveat is that it must be made in advance for the custard to settle. Otherwise, it is deceptively easy with a mixer and no egg to beat, I’m even a little ashamed to call it a “recipe”.

Especially as after a quick internet search I realized that the whole world already knows this recipe, except me. To be fair, even if I use firm tofu a lot, I’m not really familiar with silken tofu and I only recently came to use it in different recipes for sauces or creams (it is off topic, but I highly recommend this mousseline/mayo – 100g of silken tofu, 1 tbsp of olive oil, 1tbsp of lemon juice, 1 tbsp of mustard- to use as a dip for asparagus or raw vegetables)
Nonetheless, I’m sharing the recipe today, in case, like me, you are not yet aware of the virtues of silken tofu !




Fabulous chocolate & pistachio custard with silken tofu

Serves 6


400g (14 oz) of silken tofu
200g (7 oz) of chocolate (milk or dark)
A handful of chopped pistachios


1. Melt the chocolate in a bain-marie.
2. In your mixer bowl, place the tofu and add the melted chocolate. Mix until smooth.
3. Transfer to 6 small ramekins and top with chopped pistachios. Place in the fridge for at least 4 hours (12 is ideal)


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