I’m back after a longer break than anticipated, these past weeks have been busy and I struggled to find time for this space. In early may, we went to Morocco to celebrate my best friend’s wedding – she lives there. The wedding took place in Casablanca, in a large estate with a beautiful garden planted with palm trees, carpets and lanterns were arranged on the paths and musicians were welcoming guests. The bride and groom sais yes in the garden under an arch made of fresh roses. We danced till morning.
This trip was a good excuse to explore further the country. I love the dazzling light, the restless ocean, the buildings with fading colors, the cacti and succulents that grow on the side of the roads, the carpets and fabrics of a thousand colors.


The white city, by the ocean, has a definite vintage feel and seems out of a 50′s movie. You walk among the palm trees and faded buildings. It contrasts with the new and shiny marina that looks like Dubai. You take the train at the old fashioned train station, Casa Voyageurs. You can prolong the movie by going to dinner and drinks at the Rick’s Cafe.

A large beach that draws out along the bay, further, you can see the camels, put there for the tourists. The wind blows strongly in your hair, the port welcomes your with its acrid smell of warm fish and hot tar. You see Moroccan surfers, with their bleached hair and hippie looks, living the sweet life. The sun hits you hard in the narrow streets of the medina, you zigzag between stalls selling spices, slippers and carpets. On the road, you pass by the argan trees and cooperative selling its by-products. A car is carrying goats on its roof, you overtake a carriage on the highway.


A city bustling with activity, the cars and scooters honking don’t offer much time off for the traveler. The ochre frontages and the trees with mauve flowers that line the streets offer some piece for the eye. A beautiful sanctuary : the garden of villa Majorelle. A lush garden, with palm trees, cacti, succulents, fig trees. The best is to meander in the paths and get lost in the blue, this deep blue, the Majorelle blue.
But, you must take part to the city’s flurry of activities, face the chaos of Jemaa El Fna square, get a ggod deal at the souk, get lost a but, push back nicely the vendors and get a drink at La Terrasse des Epices, looking at the perfect view.









2 thoughts on “Morocco

  1. Naïma

    Magnifiques photos, j’ai maintenant la nostalgie d’Essaouira où j’avais séjourné à cette période de l’année il y a quelques années ^^ Souvenirs, souvenirs …

    1. Charlotte Post author

      Merci beaucoup ! Ce fut un beau voyage bien que trop court. Mais ça m’a donné envie d’y retourner. Je suis ravie d’avoir ravivé de jolis souvenirs !!



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