Blood Oranges


Spring is coming and it’s really about time ! We are still in the firsts, first ray of light while drinking coffee outside, first time going out bare legs, first touches of green in the kitchen, fresh oignons and young garlic, first blooms on apple and cherry trees. Soon, the stals will be overflowing with asparagus, peas and fava beans. Meanwhile, I let myself splurge on some colors at the market and I raid all the citrus fruits. My favorite : the blood orange. Each fruit is like an art piece, I could spend my day cutting them and comparing their hues. I love them really simply squeezed in some juice to get a lot of vitamins and welcome the sunny days.
Happy spring !

PS : If like me, you’re a fan of fresh juice, and are in Bordeaux, stop by the lovely CafĂ© Kokomo !







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