Fig Salad with Smoked Prosciutto and Tomatoes


Today I’m sharing a very simple salad that I shot a month ago (yes I’m quite late…) when Fall was only beginning and we were still enjoying summer produce.
This fig salad with tomatoes and prosciutto is too good that I couldn’t bring myself to burry it in my draft folder until next year. Yes, tomato season is over but maybe you are lucky and still can find some at your local market ? In any case, you can swap the tomatoes with rucola or roasted squash for a more in-season salad.

The smokiness of the prosciutto (called speck in Italy) with the sweetness of the figs is a match made in heaven. The basil also adds some freshness to the dish.

I’ve also added some pictures of a trip to Medoc (near Bordeaux) that we took before harvest season (a month ago). It’s a beautiful place, close to Bordeaux, very wild if you walk near the Garonne shore. The vineyards nearby were laden down with ripe grapes, their leaves still tender green, just ready to turn red at the first cold days.
I’m always stunned to see how beautiful are the months after summer in our region. Now the countryside has taken its Fall hues : yellow, red, orange but the sun is still shining and illuminating the nature.












Fig Salad with Smoked Prosciutto and Tomatoes

Serves 2, as a starter

1 large tomato or 2 mid-size ones
2 smoked prosciutto – speck
2 figs
2 tbsp of olive oil
1 tbsp of balsamic vinegar
Springs of basil

1. Slice the tomatoes and place them in two plates. Add the prosciutto cut into bits, fig quarters.
2. Add the dressing and basil, salt and pepper.


One thought on “Fig Salad with Smoked Prosciutto and Tomatoes

  1. Sara

    Tu me donnes envie de retourner passer quelques jours dans le Bordelais.. j’avais adoré y passer au printemps dernier, et je t’avoue que Paris commence légèrement à me taper sur le système, surtout quand il fait -50 dehors comme aujourd’hui! Joli blog soit dit en passant :)
    A très bientôt!


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