Chilled Zucchini Soup with Feta and Dill


I’ve been home from holidays since Sunday. I visited Portugal and came back tanned, rested and truly amazed by this country. I don’t actually realise that we’ve been gone for 10 days, it went by so fast and at the same time it was so dense and rich that I feel I’ve been away for a longer time. I’m already editing and selecting the photos for two posts to come (one on Lisbon and the other on the Algarve region) with recipe that have inspired me while I was there.

Today, I’m sharing a recipe that fits in the category “easy, quick and to do today”, it’s totally in season and really convenient ! Zucchinis are overflowing our markets in France and it’s probably one of my favorite summer vegetable (even if I’m guilty of consuming it all year). I think it’s a very versatile vegetable, I use it raw in salads, roasted with a fish, sauteed in an omelet, grated in a gratin. You got it, I can’t stop using it :) . However it was new to me to have it as a chilled soup, I think it is really worth sharing as it offers a good alternative to the traditional summer gazpacho.

I strangely have a similar problem with feta cheese, I always have some in my fridge and when I’m think about new recipe it always finds a way to pop up in my head. In my defense, it really adds a new layer of flavor here as it counterbalances the “green” flavor of the zucchini and gives a salty and creamy note to the dish.

As a finishing note, I added dill, which I love, to vary from mint or basil, our summer staples.

I will come back next week to share my Portuguese adventures :)






Chilled zucchini soup with feta and dill
Serves 2


2 medium size zucchini (300g), diced
1 onion, minced
1 1/4 cup (30cl) of vegetable stock
1.8 oz (50g) of feta, crumbled
2 tbsp of olive oil
1/2 bunch of dill
Salt & Pepper


1. In a saucepan, cook the onion until translucent with 1 tbsp of olive oil, then add the zucchini. Let it cook for 5 minutes.
2. Add the stock, and let the soup simmer for 15 minutes. Add salt and pepper to taste.
3. Let the soup cool down.
4. Mix the soup with the dill, until smooth. Serve with the crumbled feta, some springs of dill and 1 tbsp of olive oil.


4 thoughts on “Chilled Zucchini Soup with Feta and Dill

  1. Mathilde (Equinoxe)

    Mmm, ça a l’air super bon ! Je n’ai jamais testé la courgette avec l’aneth mais ça me semble bien bon ! J’en ai dans mon congélo (il me semble que de l’aneth congelé pourrait faire l’affaire ?), je vais mettre cette soupe froide au menu pour la semaine pro !

    1. Charlotte Post author

      Merci Mathilde ! Je trouve que l’aneth se marie très bien avec plein de légumes, surtout les verts :) Je suis sure que de l’aneth congelé marche très bien. Tu me diras ce que tu en as pensé !

  2. Madeleine à bicyclette

    Tu maîtrises à la perfection l’association courgettes-fêta et l’idée d’une soupe fraîche n’est pas pour me déplaire! D’ailleurs j’ai refais ta super salade, et je publierai l’article dans les semaines à venir :) Bisous

    1. Charlotte Post author

      Ahha oui tu as vu, c’est un peu une obsession cette association ! Je suis ravie que tu aies refait la salade, c’était un plaisir de te la faire découvrir. Bisous


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