A flowery break


Today I’m sharing with you some recent pictures, a beautiful bouquet of roses from my the garden of my friend’s auntie. The flowers were gorgeous, all different, some so tight they looked like peonies, others with a divine smell, with striped petals, or with the prettiest pink color. It would have been a shame not to photography them. I also realised that I’m quite found of taking pictures of flowers. It’s a delicate process because I want to capture every nuance of a bouquet, it’s a very different approach from food photography I think. I also tend to take way too many pictures and I’m very indecisive in choosing the one to keep (I’d love to keep them all !). I hope you will enjoy those flowers as much as I did.
A quick note to say that the blog is going on holiday mode until the end of the month ! I will be back in August with fresh summer recipes :)








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